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Remove annoying pop-up ads from windows 11

Remove annoying ads from Windows 11
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This post will guide you about "Remove annoying pop-up ads from Windows 11".

Imagine having a lot of work to do and only one day is left in the deadline, But suddenly a pop-up ad comes up and takes your all concentration away in just seconds. We know! that doesn’t feel good. That’s why we thought that this post would be pretty helpful for you.

Pop-up Ads may seem disturbing, But sometimes they are legit, You may find something constructive. Although Windows 11 is still better than previous versions, This pop-up feature in Windows 11 gets its users uncomfortable and makes them feel that previous versions were better.

Actually, from my point of view, Windows 11 developers added pop-up ads to give their End users some useful and helpful tips or suggestions to improve their PC or laptop performance. But if you still want to stop those pop-up ads then you are on the right article. So let’s start with “Remove annoying ads from Windows 11”.

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Switch off Apps Notifications

By default,  Some native apps and those installed on your computer have complete authority to annoy you every time by showing notifications about an event to notify you. Here’s how you can turn off app notifications completely;

  1. Press Win+I to open settings. then click on the system that appears on the left panel of your screen.       remove annoying pop-up ads from windows 11
  2. Now, You will see a toggle button named “notifications” on the right side of your screen. turn it off.

Switch-Off Ads From File Explorer

Microsoft even shows some Ads or suggestions in file explorer too, But don’t worry we will also provide you with a solution for that.

  1. Open File Explorer, and click on the three-dot icon, Now click on the “Options” from the dropdown menu to open a dialog box.
    remove annoying ads
  2. Now, click on the “view tab”, And under “advanced settings”, Find Show sync provider notifications and uncheck the option.
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Switch-Off Ads From Lockscreen

you will also find these annoying ads on your windows 11 lock screen, So, Here’s how you can remove them from the lock screen.

  1. Firstly, Press Win+I to open your system “Settings”.
  2. Now, click on “personalization”.
    remove annoying ads from windows 11
  3. Now, take your cursor to the lock screen page on the right side of your screen.
    remove annoying ads from windows 11
  4. Under the “Personalize your lock screen” section, Uncheck the “Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen” option.
    remove annoying ads from windows 11
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Remove Ads From Start Menu

To remove Ads from the start menu, Follow the Instructions below;

  1. Go to the “Start Menu”.
  2. Now, Right-click on the app you don’t want
  3. Now, simply click the Uninstall button.

Note: You may have to repeat the steps to finish removing all those app recommendations or ads from the Start menu.



Q1. Is Windows 11 available for free?

Ans. windows 11 is a free upgrade, But only for those who are running the latest version or update of Windows 10.

Q2. which one is a good operating system for gaming?

Ans. There is no question about it, That Windows 11 will be a better operating system than Windows 10 when it comes to gaming.

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