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How to use Microsoft Teams on Windows 11

Microsoft Teams on Windows 11
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Since Microsoft has launched Windows 11 after a long period of time. Everyone was waiting for Windows 11 because they were almost tired of using the same Operating system of Windows 10 for the last ten years. Everyone was eagerly waiting to see something new. But when people start listening to the news of Microsoft launching Windows 11 they all get excited to see a new operating system. And, after the launch of Windows 11, the wait was over for everyone. Everyone started trying to get Windows 11 on their PC as soon as possible.

But, along with all these problems everyone loved Windows 11 because the features in Windows 11 are just amazing. As we all know that every one of us is a fan of MacBooks but can’t afford one because of its high prices. Microsoft has solved this problem by giving the mac like interface in Windows 11 that is one of the most amazing features that is highlighted. Also, Microsoft has made the gaming experience with Xbox better. The performance of Windows 11 is also faster. But you can only enjoy Windows 11 if your device is compatible with Windows 11.
How to Download and Install Windows 11

Microsoft Teams

But as a new operating system people faced some new problems that will be resolved with time. but some problems will not be solved by Microsoft you will have to solve these problems yourself. Today I am here to solve the problem of using Microsoft teams on Windows 11. In the current scenario that is going in the world right now, Microsoft Teams is playing an important role.


  1. It is really helpful to take online classes and attend all the important meetings with ease without any kind of privacy issue.
  2. Microsoft Teams will help you to arrange meetings that will allow connecting 100 people in a single meeting.
  3. It will also allow recording your meetings to use that recording in the future.
  4. Share your screen with all the people in the meeting to explain the topics and presentations easily.
  5. Make groups with your friends or your co-workers to share your work with them.
  6. If you don’t want to make a meeting and talk over a call simply text the other person using the chat feature of Microsoft Teams.

Read the Step-by-Step instructions given below to easily use Microsoft teams on Windows 11.

How to Download and Use Microsoft Teams on Windows 11

If Microsoft Teams is not already installed on your PC. Download it following the steps below.

How to Download

  1. Open the browser on your PC.
  2. Search ‘Microsoft Teams Download’ on the search bar.
    Microsoft Teams on Windows 11
  3. Open Microsoft’s link to continue downloading Microsoft Teams.
    Microsoft Teams on Windows 11
  4. Click on the ‘Download for Desktop’ option to start the downloading process.
    Microsoft Teams on Windows 11
  5. Click on any option below ‘Teams for home’ or select the option below ‘Teams for Work or School’
    Microsoft Teams on Windows 11
  6. After the installation process completes grant the permissions (if asked).

Note: Use the above method if Microsoft Teams is not installed on your PC.

How to Use

To use Microsoft Teams on your PC follow the method given below.

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams app on your computer.
  2. Sign in with a Microsoft account you want to continue with Microsoft Teams.
  3. If you want to chat with friends or want to read the recent messages click on the ‘Chat’ or simply press Win+c as a keyboard shortcut.
  4. If you want to start a meeting simply click on ‘meet’ to make a meeting. Then invite the persons to your meeting.

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