How ChatGPT 4 Will Be Different-Must Read


In recent years, GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) has emerged as a game-changer in the field of natural language processing (NLP). Since the release of GPT 1 in 2018, each succeeding iteration has pushed the boundaries of what machine-generated language is capable of. As we await the advent of ChatGPT 4, the question of how it will differ from its predecessors emerges.

The ChatGPT 4 language model is expected to be the most powerful and advanced ever. It will be able to generate more realistic and human-like language than ever before with a larger training dataset, more complicated neural architecture, and enhanced optimization algorithms.

Andreas Braun, CTO of Microsoft Germany, said in an interview that ChatGPT 4 will be released next week and that it would contain multimodal models capable of responding to user questions in the form of music, video, and graphics. Although ChatGPT, a well-known conversational AI tool, is powered by GPT 3.5, its restrictions limit it to text-based responses. Yet, the multimodal models of GPT 4 may alter this and open the door for more complex and varied material.

In addition to its multimodal capabilities, ChatGPT 4 is anticipated to respond more quickly than ChatGPT and with more human-like characteristics. According to reports, OpenAI is also creating a mobile application that uses GPT 4. Currently, ChatGPT is only accessible as a language model on the web.


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In an interview with Wired, Andrew Feldman, the founder, and CEO of Cerebras, a company that works with OpenAI to train the GPT model, claimed that ChatGPT 4 will have over 100 trillion parameters. It could seem as though ChatGPT 4 is a hundred times more potent than GPT 3.

The human brain’s neural connections are believed to be 100 trillion characteristics, which is a small number. If ChatGPT 4 has 100 trillion parameters, it will have the same number of parameters as the human brain.



It is believed that the much-awaited ChatGPT 4 language model would revolutionize natural language processing. With features like multimodal responses, improved human-like qualities, and blazing-fast response times, it is projected to be the most potent and advanced model yet.

ChatGPT 4 may include the same number of parameters as the human brain with over 100 trillion. Its capacity to produce language that is more imaginative and realistic than ever before may lead to the creation of whole new use cases in the fields of psychology, finance, and software development.




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